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Our time is now

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I went through the DE program a little over one year ago.  I would say that about half of the attendees (myself included) were under 40, fascinating when you consider that this age group of employees is often times neglected when it comes to opportunities for career development.  So I decided to do something about it and start a group to foster the talent in my generation.  Last week New Mexico had it’s first Credit Union Leaders of Tomorrow (CULT) meeting.  Any thoughts of minimal interest I may have had vanished as soon as I started receiving the feedback from those that attended the first CULT meeting.  They are pumped!

Here’s where it gets interesting… Last night we hosted the first fundraiser for a candidate since I started at the Association three years ago.  It was very well attended by the CEOs of  the various credit unions in Albuquerque. The kicker? Over half of the CULT members attended.  They knew the importance of being there and defending the movement they work for and love.  You see, working for a credit union is not just another job, it’s a calling.  Credit unions are vehicles for the average working person to achieve his/her dreams.

Generation Y employees are energized and I would bet we understand the need of getting involved in the political process better than the previous generation of leaders.

If you don’t want another interchange or MBL defeat, I challenge you to identify the next generation of leaders in your credit union/organization and allow them to get involved, to represent your credit union.  You will end up with more passionate, member focused and loyal employees who will take your credit union to the next level.

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